Mercury 12
Mercury 12


Mercury 12

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Mercury 12 is the first Windows based tablet CCTV powered by Microsoft Surface tablet. It is able to function as both a desktop magnifier for those with low vision and a regular laptop, and is compatible with all your existing Windows software including any Windows based access technology you may already have. 

Also available as an iPad Pro option:

  • iPad stand with iOS software (without iPad Pro tablet)
  • iPad stand with iPad Pro and software


  • The tablet is mounted on to a sturdy and reliable desktop stand, able to hold whatever angle you set it to. The entire stand can easily fold up with the tablet and put into a bag, meaning the tablet doesn't have to be repeatedly removed and reinserted every time. 
  • Legs of the stand are high enough to let you easily view full pages. An integrated LED light ensures consistent lighting to provide a good image regardless of external lighting conditions.
  • Accurate OCR with natural sounding voices, multiple colour schemes and split screen feature available
  • An optional Orion Distance Camera is available to purchase to adapt the Mercury 12 to a classroom environment
  • Mercury 12 comes with a mouse and a large print keyboard
  • iZoom Magnifier/Reader pre-installed